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Welcome to XIX International UIE Congress on Evolution and New Trends in Electrothermal Processes

History of International UIE Congress is over 80 years long. The first event took place in La Haye, Netherlands, in 1936. Then, World War II interrupted all scientific meetings in Europe, so that the second Congress took place only in 1947, symbolically at the same place. Since this year, a series of 16 events of this kind were organized worldwide in 3–6-year intervals. The last ones took place in Durban/South Africa 2004, Krakow/Poland 2008, St. Petersburg/Russia 2012 and Hannover/Germany 2017. Now, the Czech committee of Electroheat and the University of West Bohemia organize the XIX International UIE Congress on Electrotechnologies for Material Processing in Pilsen (Czech Republic), 1. – 3. September 2021.

The conference will also include a Ph.D. course for students. For more information, see Ph.D. Course page.